28 October 2012

Vision Quest II

The days have been busy, busy, busy since my last post. I had a request to hear about my Vision Quest. This post will be a partial summary of what happened due to the personal nature of that quest.

Once I worked past the anger, the hurt and even past the rage that blossomed when matters were contemplated. Much of the emotional facets were laid to rest and what is left from that Quest is the knowledge that I have grown, I have overcome an obstacle. I have been writing, rewriting, editing and researching furiously these past couple weeks.

One benefit has been my writing. I feel a difference when I write. Very rarely do I have any hesitation about what I want to say, how I want to say. I have a clearer vision of who I am, where I came from and where I want to go.

One reason is that I have faced an inner demon or two and no longer fear these. What is that, you ask? Ahhh. That is between me and my Creator. I will say a weight has been lifted from my shoulders that I had forgotten about during my journey to get where I am today.

Because of this fact, I am taking advantage of the energy that courses through my mind, my body and my soul. My stories are taking on an added dimension that wasn't present before. I have experienced this elation before, so I know that it may not last as long as I'd like it too. Life, as is said, does go on. And it has a way of bringing more questions with more Vision Quests. Therefore, I am enjoying the days, the nights and looking at the world with clearer eyes. {I used to wear rose-tinted glasses when that shade became available. Teehee. Now, my lenses are clear. Forgot to order the rose.} Miigwetch. See ya.


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