11 October 2012

"Stories of the Past" by Mildred R Holmes

Stories of the Past, a short story collection to be self published November 15, 2013 on Smashwords.

A collection of short stories told by the Storyteller of the People. This collection tells the origins of the Windiigo-Zukale  Joselyn Oakes in "Tales of the Windiigo" and the battles of two legends who rose to fight the Windiigo with the establishment of two Orders, Aedan Oakes in the "Order of Vigilance" and Tallulah Nokomis in the "Order of the Midnight Moon".

The saga contains the tales of three people who know the influence of the Windiigo is not over; Victorios “Victor” McLeod who has fought the Spiritual being in "Dreams of the Midnight Order", Dr. I.R. Graham who found the manuscripts in "Written in the Long Ago" and Viitah Tallulah Nokomis who was lost in the "Valley of Shadows."
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I just recently got the names of the two orders from a participant at NaNoWriMo who graciously allowed me to use the names: Order of Vigilance and Order of the Midnight Moon, which title immediately captured my attention in the Adoption forums.  I asked for help with the other one and received it promptly.

I originally intended the above picture for my NaNo novel from last year. As happens so frequently with writing, titles and whatnot, I decided to use this for my cover.  When I took this picture, I was only intending to get a shot of the repairs that needed to be done.  Hmmm, did not use it for its intended purpose. Shadows of things to come?

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