23 September 2012

Chippewa Customs - Book Giveaway

Announcing a giveaway for one person: Chippewa Customs by Frances Densmore.  This is a reprint by the Minnesota Historical Society Press of her book first published in 1929 by the Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology as Bulletin 86.

This book was a must have for many people in our village when I was growing up.  The people who had copies lent them out until they weren't returned.  Thereafter, one could only read this book in the presence of the owner.  I read the book and was lucky enough to have people who could answer my questions.

Some of the patterns for beadwork were used with new materials, new colors.  They were the basis for creating more.  The birchbark basket was another thing I could watch as they were being made.  There was a round house, lean-tos and other buildings used for storage mostly when I was growing up.  

I remember my grandfather having snowshoes in the house. There were traps which kids weren't supposed to touch until they knew how. Rabbit snares, a metal contraption that held beaver hides on it to dry out. Reading this book brings back so many memories.  

I am interviewing Rosemary Berens who is the Executive Director for the Bois Forte Heritage Center & Cultural Museum, *Atisokanigamig or Legend House, which is where I bought this copy. The time for the drawing will be on Monday, October 1, 2012.

Entries will be from the comments on this post or on my Facebook Fanpage link on the sidebar.  Good Luck!


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