Works in Progress

These are the stories of my world, which doesn't have a name as of yet. One of the hazards of writing a novel during NaNoWriMo for me is the lack of a title and the revisions that need to be done.  As you can see from the list, there is a lot of work to keep me occupied for awhile.  There are three that I need to get at least a working title for.  The synopsis/book reports done in high school are coming in handy.  I didn't start with a synopsis or even an idea beyond getting to 50,000 words.  Not all of these are from NaNoWrimo.  There are a few that I keep looking for which must be on the hard drive of the computer with the fried motherboard.

Stories of the Past, a short story collection to be self published November 15, 2013 on Smashwords.

A collection of short stories told by the Storyteller of the People. This collection tells the origins of the Windiigo-Zukale  Joselyn Oakes in "Tales of the Windigo" and the battles of two legends who rose to fight the Windigo with the establishment of two Orders, Aedan Oakes in the "Order of Vigiliance" and Tallulah Nokomis in the "Order of the Midnight Moon".

The saga contains the tales of three people who know the influence of the Windiigo is not over; Victorios “Victor” McLeod who has fought the Spiritual being in "Dreams of the Midnight Order", Dr. I.R. Graham who found the manuscripts in "Written in the Long Ago" and Viitah Tallulah Nokomis who was lost in the "Valley of Shadows."

The SpiritWorld Trilogy
  • Islands in The Sky
  • Heart of the Earth
  • Dominance 

Trilogy of the Clans
  • Heavens Above
Eight siblings grow up in a fairly stable and sheltered environment.  They've trained since infancy to use the magic inherited from their parents.  When Linney, the youngest, approaches Solitude, the siblings make choices that alter their lives and create havoc and chaos.  Before they can control and repair the damage they cause, they must face the truth about themselves. For some, the decision to lay aside magic leaves them unprepared for the consequences when lives depend on the use of that magic. For the others, using magic becomes a burden they'd gladly trade when an old legend comes back to haunt the People. Linney has to ask for help from the others. The price for cooperation might be too high.
  • Journey Among the Trees
  • Waters of Life

More Tales of the People and their Friends

  • Nano 2005
  • Nano2006
  • Story II
  • Man In Maize {working title}
  • Night of the Wolf
  • Shadows of Prophecy

And a few more that are clamoring for me to get these ones done. Alas, they must learn patience.


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