07 September 2016

#IWSG Insecure Post 3

September 7 Question: How do you find the time to write in your busy day?

Well, I schedule writing time.  Then, when life catches up to me, I ditch that in favor of the current crisis.  When life happens, I write in the early morning hours for an hour or two.  On days when the weather isn't cooperating or nothing major comes up, then I write for hours to make up the time.

I discovered a handy dandy gadget for tracking words over to the NaNoWriMo site.  This year is the first year I've set a major goal of 1,120,000 words for the year.  At the start of the month, I was ahead.  However, the past few days have not been too good for my writing.  Thanks to my industriousness in the month of August, I am still in reach of my month goal, currently set at 97,000 words.  That means I'll have to put in some extra hours beginning this week.

My schedule, however, doesn't quite agree with that word goal.  That means I'll have to make some tough decisions with the choices I'll have.  Perhaps, it means my writing will have to be broken up into 2 shifts, morning and evening.  However...I am not an evening person.  I have put up a few index cards that remind me to write something each day, even if it is only 500 words.

I tried writing on my phone with one of the handy dandy gadgets.  That doesn't work, cause the autocorrect is the bane of my life.  I haven't figured out how to turn it off yet.  I have written a few posts to be scheduled on my blogs.  When I can find the time.

I guess this has forced me to think about what it is that I want to do.  I'd rather write.  Finding time to get the other stuff in my life done is what is the problem.  Off I go to get the necessary stuff done, like decluttering, cleaning, cooking, going to town.  Oh, that is a trip and a half.  That's a whole day out of my day.  At the least, four hours and can turn into six or eight hours, especially if we stop to eat.  And we don't stop at fast food places.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love my family and will do things for them, willingly.  It's this goal of getting my books done.  At least, the ones I've been working on for the past decade or so.

I would like to say, at the end of 2016, that my books are done.  D O N E.  And start on one or two more with the ideas I've come up with whilst revising my current projects.  Hmmm.  Wonder how I can get the other stuff done whilst I work on my writing?

03 August 2016

ISWG Insecure Post 2

Question of the month: What was your very first piece of writing as an aspiring writer? Where is it now? Collecting dust or has it been published?

The very first piece of writing I ever did was a poem, back in the day.  Wrote it during class when the teacher asked a question.  That was my answer.  As to where it is?  Unknown.  I gave it as a gift to an Elder who worked with the Indian Studies department at the college I attended.

I liked her.  She taught me a lot that I didn't know I was learning at the time.  She always had time if she saw that we were troubled about something, gave gentle correction when needed and encouraged us to stick to the schedule at college.

It was this piece that "sprang forth from my heart" that needed very little correction that caused my absence from the writing world for years after that.  Cause shortly, it was to be my folly to mention it to the aforementioned girl who gave me the unwanted advice that all writing sprang forth needing no correction, no editing, yadda, yadda.  My folly was I took it to heart.

It's always been an inspiration?  Nah, a revelation to me, that someone besides a teacher actually liked my writing.  Just thinking of that now gives me encouragement to keep on.  It only takes one, can mean so many different things.

Well, that's my lesson for the day.  Giigawabamin noongom!  See ya later.

12 July 2016

Insecure Writer's Support Group: Quest Ramona Long: The Sprint Method of Writing

Something I need to remember when writing. Some great tips.

Insecure Writer's Support Group: Quest Ramona Long: The Sprint Method of Writing: Writing in Sprints Write every day. If you’ve been in a writing community for more than five minutes, you’ve heard this advice.  The ...