07 February 2016

Head Start on reading A to Z Challenge Blogs

I started checking out the bloggers who’ve signed up for the A to Z Challenge.  The next one was 'the NovelOrange.'  She has a page of prompts which I decided I’d try one.  This is the prompt.  Chose to use this one as it resonated with me, sparked an idea.  While strolling through a street fair, a mysterious woman in a yellow cloak thrusts a jar she claims holds people’s memories into your hands. Prompt idea from a fellow A to Z Challenger.   This is just a short post which I may or may not develop further.  Written in one half hour.
“It’s a good thing I didn’t bring much  money with me.  There’s so much to see and I’m tempted to buy something at most of the places I stopped.”
I nodded my head, barely paying attention to Rachael.  There was someone following us and I didn’t want to alarm her.  I mean, it couldn’t have been a coincidence that the flash of yellow was always one booth away from us for the past half hour.  I couldn’t tell if the person was a girl or not.  All I’d been able to tell was the flash of yellow was a cloak, one of those hooded kind.  The hood covered the head, and there was an added layer that covered half the body, like a cape.
Rachael had barely consented to come with me to the fair.  She’d been troubled with an old boyfriend who wouldn’t take no for an answer.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t anything to do with him being abusive or stalking her.  Nah.  It was much more simpler.  She didn’t think they were ready to set up housekeeping yet.  Tell you the truth, I think she was right. But it wasn’t my place to tell her that.  I was a bit tired of giving her advice she wasn’t going to take.  Figured if she stuck to her guns bout this without me saying anything, she was ready to be on her own for a bit.  And that’s what I’ve been telling her since we were kids.
I didn’t want to say anything cause her boyfriend did like to dress in those types of clothes.  He was into medieval stuff. Cept this person wasn’t as tall.  So what would be the point in saying anything to Rachael?
“Do you think we could find something to eat?  And drink?  It’s getting hot and I’d like to be out of the shade.”
I nodded my head.
“What’s wrong?  You haven’t been talking for a while.  Usually, you’re.”
A flash of yellow and I step in front of Rachael.  It’s a woman who has floral tattoos on her forehead and cheeks.  The inside of the bright yellow cloak she’s wearing is orange and her black hair goes down past her shoulders.  I reach out to stop her when she pulls something out of her little cape.  She shoves a jar into my hands.
“Here’s a present for you from your Aunt.  It holds some memories that she wants you to have.”  She glances over her shoulder and steps back.

01 February 2016

98,684 More Words from Millie

Been busy in Niiganabiik's World.   I've set a word count goal of 1,150,000 words for 2016.  Yeah, that sounds like a lot.  And it is.  Revising 14 books, writing on blogs and my regular column is a lot of writing.  I've used one of the year trackers Created by Svenja (http://svenjaliv.com).  This really simplified things for me.  Those 1,150,000 words works out to about 3,138 words a day.  For the month of January, I've averaged 3,183 words per day.  Not all new words, you think to yourself, since I've been revising.  However, this is the year I'm thinking I'll be  needing some sort of documentation of my work hours for the tax man next year.  700,000 words or 14 books written during many NaNovember months and one or two Camp NaNoWriMo months which are the basis for my word count.

I decided I'd count those 700,000 once again cause I am rewriting many of them.  This involves consideration of whether or not to keep the original words.  So, Yeah, I'm counting them.

Also have one of those handy dandy timers and a calculator as well as my trusty Scrivener and Aeon timeline.  Works out well for me time-wise.  I've discovered that I write about 900 words or so in an hour so I really only have to write about 2 hours or so a day.  98684 for January.  All of the spiffy new thingamabobs and stuff are all in one place which  makes it easier for me to work.

I no longer have to hunt for what I want.  Well, actually, there is one or two things I'm still trying to retrieve from the black hole of despair-my camera charger and the original copy of the first book I ever tried writing way back in 2003?  Might have been 1998,  Can't remember.  Thus my hunt for that copy which I can still pull up on one of the machines that still run floppy disks.

I've been revising Bagamose, which a few of you know is up over to JukePop Serials.  And the short story collection "Stories of the People' is next.  Shortly after that will be Storm Clouds" over on Smashwords.  Now you  may be wondering why I've done this like this.  Leaving half written stuff up for all the world to see.  Simple.

I want to let beginning writers know that there are many different ways to get something done.  That there is a method to my madness.  Annnd, because having been in sales most of my life, I do know that there won't be all that much time to actually write new stuff.  So, Now I'll have several books that are/will be ready for publishing on some sort of schedule for the next phase of my life-Selling those books.

I've also been working on a website called "Niiganabiik's World" and it's really in the development stages.  I don't have as clear an idea about the design as yet.  I do know I want to have a store there as well as what I have already online.  And I've been choosing from a few options regarding the blog over there.  Which is going to add yet one more to my already full plate of five blogs.  I'd really like to get my Storyteller blog "Storykeeper" up here.  Ahh, decisions, decisions, decisions.

Here's to all the writers who'll make progress toward their goals, no matter how small or large they've set for themselves.